Miriam Homem de Mello was born in February, 1963, in São Paulo.
She is involved with Literature and Philosophy.
She is a visual artist and photographs in digital since 2005.


"I wonder around the cityscape doubting if it is real. I can not believe life exists in fact.
I guess the world feels the same about me. It is a relation of absolute distrust.

I made a habit of watching the streets and finding in them imaginary scenes and landscapes.
Do they exist? Have I created them? Do other people see? It doesn't matter as everything is equally delighting.
I relate to them as I do with anyone else who approaches me in order to greet me, or to mourn or to nag,
or even to reassure we have met before. No, I do not know them. And they don't me either. We live in common insulation,
through floating bubbles that occasionally meet without us having to compromise our comforting integrity masks.

Through photography, I learnt a new dimension. The dimension of the framing.
My relationship with the world is now inevitably struck by this new parameter.
Everything is a matter of angle of approach, zoom intensity or chromatic correction.
It made possible for the banal to become sublime and vice-versa.
As if the real is not compulsory anymore. It is just a matter of choice.

That is my choice, I believe. To populate the city with zooms and crops, proffering my own life with a more accurate framing."


Miriam Homem de Mello
55 11 8283-9333

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